Wednesday, August 27, 2014


yesterday was a long day. a fun day, but a long one. so when i got home and saw a package on the counter, i was pretty excited. for one, i have been really trying to quit online shopping (i know, i know, what do i do with all my free time now?). and two, literally any piece of mail can make me do a happy dance. and i did (but only kevin witnessed).

i was even more excited when i realized that the package contained my new favorite pin, a fan club pin from the talented kate gabrielle at scathingly brilliant. i don't know her personally, but her blog is all pastels, all the time and is just a treat to read. she has an online shop devoted to fan club pins baring the likeness of amy poehler, dwight shrute, mary blair, harry potter, and burritos, just to name a few. i saw this dole whip pin and just had to have it, the treat being my absolute favorite in disney world.

the pins are $6 a piece, and laser cut. super fun!

love, katie

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

thrift adventures

this weekend i did ... nothing. still recovering from my super gross cold, i spent a lot of time sleeping. and playing with kevin. and watching netflix. it really wasn't out of laziness-promise! my body and mind just needed the rest.

after officially downing an entire bottle of dayquill (over two weeks, don't worry), i am finally feeling like myself again. i did step out for a few hours on saturday to do some thrift shopping. with only ten minutes until closing time at the bee's knee's, nate and i zoomed through the aisles, but came away with some great finds.

vintage pennants are really popular right now, but trendy usually comes with a hipster-friendly price tag. these pennants are great for two reasons: they are actually vintage, and they were only $5 a piece. what a great find! they are going quickly, so if you are interested, i would look this week. i also included my disney calendar photo from august. isn't is just the best??

this weekend i also sorted through the typographic postcards i found in a boutique in downtown austin a few months ago. my office is still a work in progress, but these will be featured somewhere. i saw them and just fell in love forever.

well, that's about it for now. have a great tuesday!

love, katie

Friday, August 22, 2014

leather working with eric

this summer my youngest brother, eric, took up leather working. i'm pretty sure he was inspired after watching ben stiller as walter mitty in 'the secret life of walter mitty,' but he also had some free time due to a persistent knee injury. leather working, for those of you who don't know, is not a hobby one can just pick up on the fly. there are quite a few tools needed to do it properly, and eric provided a quick run down of his supplies in case anyone is interested.

rotary punch ($15)
sewing awl ($12)
utility knife ($6)
no. 2 beveler ($9)
scissors (free)
metal ruler (free)
waxed thread ($6)
waxed cotton(sinew)
needles (free)
metal stamps ($22 alphabet and numbers/ $11 animals)
medium veg-tan leather ($35/10 sq. ft)
rags for dying
stain to dye leather ($6)
rake to make stitch holes ($7)
lighter ($3)
binder clips

each piece of leather can make several wallets.

q & a with eric:
why did you start this hobby: i wanted to for awhile. i wanted a wallet that looked like this style, but when i found them, they were so expensive. i made one that looked like the wallet from the walter mitty movie.

did you like your first wallet: sure. it's just a little ragged. i picked the worst leather, but got the stitching and design down for practice. then i made another one and it's the only wallet i use now. my pattern came from australia, so it's a little too short for the american dollar. i started using a sample dollar to make sure it fits money. it can also fit cards. i don't want it to hold much, just simple and small. this one is about the size of my palm.

how did you first learn to do this: i have a pattern online to cut out the shapes, but i just adjust them to the length of our money. the stitching i taught myself, after watching a few tutorials. i ended up not understanding one stitch online, so i did the double needle stitch, or two needle stitching. basically, what you do is have a needle on each piece of thread and you crisscross through the same hole back and forth with both needles. this is the tough part and hurts your thumbs.

you want to expand past wallets: i made my own sd card holder, and i want to make a passport size holder as well. and then i want to make a thin wallet just for cards. i also want to make key chains with a card holder attached.

i like the rustic look of the lettering. I'm not really good yet, but i really like how it turned out. we went to the leather factory in columbus, and it was crazy.

if i want to order one: i'm working on that, but for now, you can check out my instagram and message me if you are interested in anything specific. i can put almost any quote inside the wallet, but i am limited to my font choices right now. i also have some stamps, and can do a few special orders. i have a bison stamp that is really good.

thanks for letting me feature you, eric!

love, katie

Thursday, August 21, 2014

scott, my other brother

so i have posted before about my brother eric, who lived with us in arkansas for a few years while he finished school. i also have another brother, scott, who is the middle child in our family line up and works in columbus. he is an animator and illustrator for s77, and does some pretty cool things. we like to try and work together on projects, but it usually doesn't go very well. this summer, however, he created the concept art for my new office space which was a tremendous help. he also is pretty talented with his own projects. check out his website to take a look at his work. being super nice, he let me interview him for this post.

q&a with scott:

give me your official title: senior illustrator/3d artist. that is my official title. it sounds really official. 

so how long have you known you wanted to do this kind of work: never. 
never is not an amount of time: i never thought i would be doing this. i thought i would be doing video games and modeling figures for movies. and then i ended up doing illustration for my other company and it turned in to this.

what's your favorite part of your job: because we are small, we have freedom to do internal projects and be creative. we can work together with others in the office and do animation. i think that's my favorite part about it.

what's the hardest part of your job: it's definitely trying to satisfy our clients and our own pride at the same time. making sure that the clients are happy, but that what we deliver is what we are proud of can be difficult. everyone has a vision and every one wants a say, which sometimes makes it worse. sometimes you have to make the best out of the clients decisions.

what are you working on right now: i am working on an app, through s88, our first game we have ever made and i am heading up the art division. game concept and concept art. it's probably the most fun job i have ever worked on.

what personal projects are you working on: i have dungeon friends, our web comic, which takes a good amount of time. and i am working with jackson galaxy on some designs so that's pretty fun. i am about to start another project for him, and i hope that goes well. it's the most exciting project right now.

how would you describe yourself in three words: oh, haha. ummm ... that's difficult. i'm impatient. that's a good one. i am ... this is so hard, katie! this is the hardest question ever. i'm pretty driven, and i'm also lazy on top of all of this. 
you're not lazy: yes, i am. 
you have like 18 side projects going on: but i still play video games and watch a lot of tv. maybe relaxed? it's better than lazy. i never get too stressed, except with clients. they stress me out. 

what is your favorite video game: harvest moon for the n64. yes!! it's always what i go back to. 
well, it's a classic. 

what's your favorite food: grilled cheese. 
really still? even with a slight gluten allergy? yeah. mom made some gluten free grilled cheeses that were good. i eat mostly ramen, but it's not my favorite food. but i do like it.

what's one thing people are surprised to know about you: oh my goodness. i'm pretty obvious i think. um, you know what everyone is surprised about? that i used to be in a metal band. no one ever believes that. they don't believe me. 
do you aspire to being in a band again? that's literally the last thing i want to do.

how would you describe your art? it's definitely a blend of comic book illustration and graphic design. it looks/feels like a cartoon, but i lay it out cleaner. does that sound right?

this is the most boring q & a ever. my answers suck.

anything else we should know about you? i have thousands of animals, i went to the zoo today. i ate ice cream tonight and i didn't brush my teeth afterwards (makes cat sounds) .... that's mostly it. i never wash my jeans. maybe four times a year. 
that's kind of gross: it's part of me. that sounds like everything. those are the most important parts. 
so that's what you want to end on? haha, yes. it's what really makes me, me. 

thanks scott!

love, katie

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

sick days

halls trying to motivate a girl ... it's not working

hey all! sorry for the lack of posts, i guess turning 28 hit me pretty hard ... just kidding. no, i have actually been doing a lot of school prep/moving our entire office across campus. this summer went by in what felt like a second; very little binge watching and a whole lot of days in the office. but i am so excited to be (almost) done with our new office and i will post pictures when it's completed.

i spent my birthday with my student publications staff at our back to school retreat, which was a lot of fun, and then spent the next week and half stupidly sick with a summer cold. i am still recovering/coughing up a lot of disgusting things, but i have a persistent cough that just won't quit. i had a moment the other night where i had taken nyquil, but hadn't fully fallen asleep yet and i swear small children in halloween masks were running around in our living room ... that was the last night of cough syrup.

since i am ill and only have stories of tissues and cough drops, i thought this week i would spotlight some of my talented family members. so be looking forward to that. my brother scott is a really talented artist based out of columbus, ohio, and he graciously said i could interview him for about five minutes. but he's a lot of fun and super weird in the best way possible.

stay tuned.

love, katie

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

hello from myrtle beach

so vacation was amazing, as vacations should be. my family and i hit up sunny myrtle beach in south carolina and here is a brief recap in pics:
first days at the beach//sunglasses and sun hats//waiting on dinner with mom//love the views 
lightning over the water//cute couple at broadway at the beach//dad's viking hat//old man heading to the beach
lots of frisbee//sunbathing with nate 
nacho hippo//pirate putt-putt 
family selfie//the gay dolphin//view from the pier//literally no idea what i'm doing in this picture 
dad the beachcomber//more family selfies//nate and the conch shell
already missing it!

love, katie

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

beach packing

all ready to go//beach products

i am a classic over-packer. this goes along with my ability to over-think, over-eat, over-buy, etc. if i pack just enough clothes to have one option each day of my trip, i will most definitely hate every single thing i brought and be miserable and have to buy more options. when i went to new york a few years ago, i brought what i (and my family) calls my baby hippo suitcase. it is a very fitting nickname. i drug that suitcase blocks and blocks from the train station to our hotel, and didn't regret it once. i had every item of clothing i could possibly want and three coats for the new york city winter weather.

beach packing is different, though. you don't bring a coat, and bathing suits don't take up too much room, but you need space for books. now that i have my nook, my bags tend to weigh about 30 pounds less, but i still pack for every possible event. my family goes to myrtle beach, the vacation spot of my mom's childhood and a place we have visited every summer since i can remember. it's tacky in parts, and we love it.

summer reading//head wraps and sunnies

here are some things i am bringing to the beach this year:

beach bag: this plastic, waterproof bag actually came as a free gift from clinique, my makeup brand of choice. i love this bag for the clear, bamboo handles and the ease at which i can dump sand out of it.

banana pouch: i really love this pouch from h&m. i use these types of bags at the beach to hold things like my phone and sunglasses while i am in the ocean.

beach book list: i have two new beach reads, 'the shoemaker's wife' and 'reading women,' two titles i can't wait to peruse while poolside.

sensitive skin sunscreen: i have crazy sensitive skin, so this clinique sunscreen is a lifesaver. it sprays on, which is fun and easy, and has proven itself summer after summer as my go to sunscreen.

new sandals: my mom picked up these fun brighton sandals for me a few months ago and i just love them. you always need a new pair of flip flops for a beach vaca.

beach towel: i love this oversized beach towel. the shark towel is nate's (of course).

headband/wrap: i absolutely hate having my hair in my face, especially poolside with the breeze. the black and gold polka dot head wrap comes from hay's in searcy, and is perfect for the beach or a university ball game. the green band with a bow was a gift from my mom. both are big enough to hold all of my hair back, but still look stylish.

sunnies: these sunglasses are oldies, but goodies, from forever21. they are pretty big, and definitely have a fun, 70s vibe. they are also tinted so even gloomy days look sunny.

hair products: i have two products i use at the beach. the first is moroccan oil that hydrates hair and protects from heat. the second probably takes away all of the good things the first brings, but i love sun in. it just gives my hair a boost to start turning blonde. this product is actually a bit hard to track down. i found this bottle in a dollar store (yikes), but it really works for my hair! and i only use it about once a year so, no harm??

face product: when i am not at the pool, i like to use a light moisturizer containing sunscreen. again, my choice is clinique. this moisturizer is lightly tinted and has 25 spf. i wear it under my regular makeup and it keeps me hydrated and protected from the sun.

what are your beach staples??

love, katie