Wednesday, October 1, 2014

fall book list

books on books on books

with the weather (supposed to be) feeling cooler, don't you just love being able to curl up with a warm cup of something, a good book, a sweater and a sweet puppy if you're lucky?

here are a few things i can't wait to read:

charlotte au chocolat, the very sweet (pun intended) story of a girl growing up around the world of fine cuisine. i read this a few weeks ago, and it was short and lovely. if you are interested in reading about food, which i absolutely am, this story will make you want to run to the nearest bakery and indulge. a coming of age tale, charlotte is an endearing main character who lives in a restaurant above the infamous hasty pudding club during the '60s.

the gospel according to coco chanel: life lessons from the world's most elegant woman, needs very little introduction. i have not read this short fashion guide, but am excited just by skimming the pages. coco chanel did live an elegant life and her wisdom can be found in books and crocheted pillows alike. she made tweed fabulous, and taught me that most of the time, less is more, a rule i try to follow in accessorizing. i hope this quick read offers me some fall wardrobe inspiration.

blood, bones and butter: the inadvertent education of a reluctant chef, is another book on my reading list that i can't wait to devour. a book for foodies, this story follows the journey of author gabrielle hamilton as she became a chef. the title initially threw me, as i don't really like associating blood and bones with my meals, but i have heard rave reviews about this book. and since i found it at half price books, i thought it was worthwhile. i hope that it proves to be as good as the book jacket estimates.

grace: a memoir, is a book i am just so excited to read. i have been waiting for this one to get to paperback, and then i couldn't wait any longer and bought the beautiful orange hardback. i'm fairly sure it will be worth it. after watching the vogue magazine documentary 'the september issue' on netflix last year, i have been interested in the life of grace coddington, the creative director for the magazine. her relationship with vogue and subsequently anna wintour, editor in chief of all things fashionable, was so intriguing in the doc and i can't wait to read more about it in her memoir. she struck me as an odd bird, even for the fashion world, but her taste and eye for design are impeccable and i hope to learn a lot.

so this fall list contains either food or fashion related reads, which should tell you my love language this time of the year. i hope one of these will pique your interest and if so, please let me know if you liked any of these titles!

happy reading.

love, katie

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

kentucky in the fall is lovely

this year i have decided to say 'yes' to more things. no, i have not been watching jim carrey in 'yes man,' although that is a very decent and underrated movie ... if you can get past a super quirky zooey deschenel. and no, i am not crazy for saying 'yes' to even more requests.

i am talking about doing more things on my own time outside of work. i feel like your 20s are built for long nights in the office and weekend emails. i have no real big commitments outside of nate and kevin, and i have energy to keep myself motivated with new projects all the time. but i find that i spend a lot more of my time in the office than i do enjoying hobbies i once had.

i'm not complaining at all. i absolutely love my job, my coworkers, my students and staff and really love spending time with all of them. that's the problem though; i enjoy work and could spend all my free time thinking about it. so this year, i decided to say 'yes' to things that take up my personal time and keep me out of work mode.

instead of eating in the office while nate is out of town, i have lunch with a friend even though i am tired and probably not great company. instead of swiffering the office floor on saturday, i take kevin to campus for a long walk. instead of napping on wednesday night before going in for a deadline, i head to bible study for fellowship.

so last weekend when an opportunity came up to head to kentucky with some good friends, i said 'yes.' i know, i know, wow i said 'sure' to a super fun friend weekend. but realize this is kind of a big deal for me, as in i usually don't go anywhere during the fall semester because of how much is happening on our campus.

let me just say, trips are good for the soul. while my road trip buddies might disagree (imagine me super hopped up on caffeine, trapped in a car for 9 hours with energy to burn ... scary guys), i had a pretty good time.

kentucky in the fall is a blast, with actual cool weather and changing leaves. we ate ... a lot ... and then went apple picking to make us feel better. we also stayed up late catching up and watching movies and that was pretty great too.

to my road trip buds: thanks for letting me crash your weekend and thanks for putting up with my incessant chatter. i am sure you know way more about me than you ever wanted to know.

to everyone reading this: say 'yes' to something for yourself this week. whether that be leisure, spiritual growth, or relationship building, it's good to do something for your soul every once in a while.

love, katie

ps-cupcakes, glitter, shopping (does this sound more like me?)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


not my soup//taken from the sensitive epicure, a great gluten free blog
so it's 12:40 a.m., and i have just finished making homemade soup. why, you might ask, am i making soup at this hour? because i am crazy, that's why.

do you ever get something in your head that you feel you just must do? i was on a mission tonight to use the large amount of squash i bought at the farmer's market last weekend to make something spectacular. i don't know why i bought so much squash, but the farmer's market does weird things to me. talking to the local farmers makes me believe that i must have some hidden pioneer spirit in me that can do all things.

but then i brought the squash home, stuck it in a drawer in the fridge and have been haunted by it for days. what do i do with squash? do i even like squash?

i decided that soup was the obvious choice. so at 10:30 tonight, i started researching recipes. for butternut squash. after 30 minutes of reading the comment sections (gah), i realized the squash in my fridge was banana, not butternut, apparently a big difference in the squash community.

my bad.

thirty more minutes yielded a not-as-reviewed-recipe that would have to work. like i said, i was on a mission. nate wandered by at one point asking why i was doing this so late. he knows that cooking stresses me out in daylight, let alone after the sun goes down.

i grunted at him and continued on. have you ever cooked with squash? i had not until this point. so my carrots and onion are sautéing away, when i realize that i have absolutely no idea how to handle squash. do you peel it? cube it? also, there are seeds and gooey bits inside that look like a pumpkin. who knew?

this discovery led to another google search about everything i just asked. i ended up cutting it down the middle, spooning out the icky bits, and then peeling it with a knife. at one point nate came over and took away the knife as i was peeling toward my face. i really do know better, but in the moment, my squash soup mission was in full gear.

after a mini meltdown pondering the dangers of eating squash peel accidentally (poisonous, just gross in general?) things went better. the squash got squashier. the chicken broth boiled and the onions became translucent. and i got to unpack our immersion blender, which makes me feel like i'm on an episode of chopped.

although i have not eaten much squash soup before, this one came out tasting pretty decent. if you are interested in the recipe, i got is from whole foods.

now i have to figure out what to do with a huge spaghetti squash, a bunch of bell peppers, and my weight in apples ...

love, katie

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

meet me in st. louis

st. louis always hold a special place in my heart. when nate and i needed to choose a honeymoon location that was on the way back to arkansas, wasn't too expensive, and was a city that neither of us had ever been to, st. louis fit the bill. nate's work brought us here last weekend and we were so excited to check out a few of our favorite places plus see a few new ones. we also got to hang out with my cousin bobby, who is an excellent tour guide!

the st. louis zoo//sealions//flamingos//amazing ants

the butterfly garden aka my favorite part of the entire zoo

the arch//finds from vintage vinyl//until next time st. louis

absolutely the best

pappy's bbq was amazing//soda shop with an astounding selection of pop//ted drewes frozen custard with cousin bobby
can't wait for the next visit. until next time!

love, katie

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


aren't these just the coolest?

on a recent trip home to ohio, my dad pulled out some of his old bumper stickers from, well ... let's just say a few decades ago. i love looking through my dad's old things, but especially ones as cool as these. these stickers are a great mix of typography, color and campaign slogans. he has more than shown here, these are just a few of my favs! i especially love the disney stickers from the '70s and '80s. there are also a lot of vintage ohio stickers and some particularly interesting ones about boycotting grapes and lettuce randomly. and a really sobering one about POWs. but other than that, a pretty cool collection. 

love, katie

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


yesterday was a long day. a fun day, but a long one. so when i got home and saw a package on the counter, i was pretty excited. for one, i have been really trying to quit online shopping (i know, i know, what do i do with all my free time now?). and two, literally any piece of mail can make me do a happy dance. and i did (but only kevin witnessed).

i was even more excited when i realized that the package contained my new favorite pin, a fan club pin from the talented kate gabrielle at scathingly brilliant. i don't know her personally, but her blog is all pastels, all the time and is just a treat to read. she has an online shop devoted to fan club pins baring the likeness of amy poehler, dwight shrute, mary blair, harry potter, and burritos, just to name a few. i saw this dole whip pin and just had to have it, the treat being my absolute favorite in disney world.

the pins are $6 a piece, and laser cut. super fun!

love, katie

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

thrift adventures

this weekend i did ... nothing. still recovering from my super gross cold, i spent a lot of time sleeping. and playing with kevin. and watching netflix. it really wasn't out of laziness-promise! my body and mind just needed the rest.

after officially downing an entire bottle of dayquill (over two weeks, don't worry), i am finally feeling like myself again. i did step out for a few hours on saturday to do some thrift shopping. with only ten minutes until closing time at the bee's knee's, nate and i zoomed through the aisles, but came away with some great finds.

vintage pennants are really popular right now, but trendy usually comes with a hipster-friendly price tag. these pennants are great for two reasons: they are actually vintage, and they were only $5 a piece. what a great find! they are going quickly, so if you are interested, i would look this week. i also included my disney calendar photo from august. isn't is just the best??

this weekend i also sorted through the typographic postcards i found in a boutique in downtown austin a few months ago. my office is still a work in progress, but these will be featured somewhere. i saw them and just fell in love forever.

well, that's about it for now. have a great tuesday!

love, katie